Thibodeau for Governor Campaign Raises over $100,000

Campaign shows strong support right out of the gate, exceeding quarterly fundraising goal and raising money from all 16 counties

Winterport, Maine –
Senate President Mike Thibodeau announced today that his campaign raised $101,763 in just over two months.

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Mike Thibodeau Announces Lead Campaign Staff

Taps Former RNC Director of Political Strategy Tom Dickens and Former Maine Trump Campaign Director Christie-Lee McNally to lead campaign for Governor

Winterport, Maine - Senate President Mike Thibodeau today announced his campaign for governor will be headed up by Tom Dickens and Christie-Lee McNally.

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Campaign Update

The Thibodeau for Governor campaign is off to an amazing start -- and we're putting a lot of miles on!

Since he kicked off his campaign for governor, Mike has traveled from Presque Isle to Sanford, and lots of points in between. Here are some highlights:

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WINTERPORT, MAINE – Maine Senate President Mike Thibodeau today announced his candidacy for governor.

“This is our time to fight for the future of our state,” Thibodeau said. “We need to come together to reign in the growth of government not only to preserve Maine’s unique way of life, but to protect our freedoms. We need to continue to improve our economy, create more jobs, and educate our children so they can live and work here at home.”

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Maine Senate president says Legislature should amend tax surcharge

PORTLAND PRESS HERALD - by Mike Thibodeau -If we are to believe that raising “sin” taxes will discourage unwanted behavior, such as smoking, why should we conclude that increasing income taxes will encourage desirable behavior, such as investing in Maine? Supporters of Maine’s new surcharge, which amounts to a 42 percent tax increase, seem to believe that raising taxes on small-business owners and job creators provides an incentive for those individuals to stay in Maine. The evidence says otherwise.

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Mike Thibodeau is the person "a heartbeat away" from Maine Governorship

Winterport, ME (NEWS CENTER) --  When Governor Lepage made a recent tour of Washington D. C., it appeared to many that he was looking for a job.  Were he to leave the Governorship, the President of the Maine Senate would take over. 

For the rest of LePage's term, that person is Michael Thibodeau, a Winterport Republican.  He is a hard-working, small town, Christian man who believes that politics do matter.

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