Meet Mike Thibodeau

fam1.pngbaby.pngMike Thibodeau is a lifelong Mainer and a proud Republican.

An entrepreneur and successful small businessman, he owns and operates a heavy equipment dealer that supplies new and used equipment to central and northern Maine. He and his wife also own the only Maine company that sells and manufactures snow shovels.

The father of two daughters, Mike and Stacy are deeply committed to ensuring their daughters – along with their husbands and young children – have the opportunity to live, work and raise a family here in Maine.

That’s his goal not just for his kids and grandkids, but for every Maine family and every Maine kid.

Growing up in Winterport, his mom and dad taught him how to raise a family on very limited resources. His dad started a small construction company with one employee while his mom stayed at home raising the kids. Sure things were tough now and then, but they stuck together and made it work… and through his dad’s example, the Thibodeau children learned how to work hard.

After graduating high school from Hampden Academy, Mike went to work with his dad and his brothers – helping grow the little company he started 


with a single employee to one with more than 200 employees.

To hear Mike tell it, the company grew and became successful because of their truck2.pngdedicated and hardworking employees – folks who wanted to be part of a winning team. That sense of teamwork is proof to Mike that anything’s possible if people work together and pursue common goals.

In fact, it’s a lesson he’s followed as President of the Maine Senate, always listening to others and seeking solutions to the challenges we face.

It’s a lesson he will continue to follow as Governor, to offer every Mainer the chance for a better future.