Why I'm Running

Thanks for visiting to learn more about why I’m running to be your next Governor. 

I’m a small businessman, taxpayer, husband, father and grandfather… and a public servant who’s been honored to work for all of Maine as an elected official for a few short years in Augusta.

I’ve spent my time in our state capitol fighting the big government, special interest types. When they wanted to expand the sales tax to make Mainers pay extra for having a baby, I traveled this state working as hard as I could to beat that back.

pic1.pngWhen these special interests spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to pass a 3% income tax increase, I worked with my colleagues in the Senate to repeal it while still putting more money in Maine’s public school classrooms to help our kids. 

That’s why you send representatives to Augusta.

We’re supposed to be there to get government out of the way, to create an environment where our families can thrive, where our businesses can grow, and where kids all across the state can be sure that if they work hard, if they stay out of trouble, they can get ahead.

We have a lot of work to do.

Republicans have made huge gains since you entrusted the state government to us in 2010. But we can’t rest for a moment.

This is our time to fight for the future of our state. We need to come together to fight against the growth of government. We need to fight for the future of our kids, so they can grow up safe and strong and smart – and live and work here at home. We need to fight for good jobs and a fair playing field for our businesses.

school.pngOver the course of this campaign, we’ll get into all kinds of details about how we’re going to move Maine forward. Right now I’ll make it simple.

We have to lower taxes.

We have to continue to make Maine a better place to do business so we create more jobs.

And we have to be committed to protecting our Constitutional freedoms.

We must do more to end the cycle of welfare dependency by helping people trapped in poverty and allowing them to be part of Maine’s economic future.

We must continue to strengthen our schools by working with teachers and administrators to help them be more efficient, while offering families more choices for their children’s education.

And we must continue to fight this out-of-control drug epidemic that’s destroying Maine families.

From my limited time in Augusta I know that government alone cannot be the solution to all of our state’s challenges. 

We all know Maine isn’t great because of government.

Maine is great because of our people, our culture, our traditions, and our way of life.

Maine is great because of you.

That’s why I hope you will join my team. Together let’s move Maine forward.